Your Questions Answered

How Long Do I Get To Use The Space For?

Once Booked, Your Space is exclusive to you for the whole day within the set opening hours. You can stay for the whole period or whichever hours you prefer. You can also leave The Outer Space Club and return that same day should you need too. 

How Will I Enter The Outer Space Club?

Once Booked, You will be sent an automatic email with all of the access information; including the relevant key code for door entry that will enable you to access your space for the day. 

What If I Lose My Access Code Or it Doesn't Work?

If this happens, Please contact as soon as you can and we can have a replacemtent sent to you. 

Do I Need To Clean My Space After Each Use?

Yes; As part of The Outer Space Club's Terms & Conditions we ask that you leave your Space in the same exact condition that you found it. Please ensure your Space has been cleaned down before your exit including the bed/work surfaces/floor area and any items/belongings are all removed ready for other users. 

Do You Provide Cleaning Equipment?

Yes, In our small kitchen area you will have access to cleaning sprays, a hoover, sweeping brush, mop and bucket and any other cleaning necessities enabling you to clean your Space upon exit. 

What Happens If I Leave My Space Without Cleaning After Use?

Any future space access will be revoked and you will no longer be able to book future space access.

What If I Book The Space, But Am Unable To Attend Due To Sickness Or Other Reasons?

All of our Spaces arenon refundable or transferableto any other dates once booked. Refunds will not be issuedunder any circumstances. Therefore we ask that you only commit to the booking of a Space should you be confident that you will be able to attend that date.

How Many People Can The Outer Space Club hold in their waiting area?

For each Space, you are allocated 1 x waiting area chair. So please ensure you take this into consideration when booking in your clients.  

Are Children Welcome In The Outer Space Club?

No; Unfortunately we are not insured to have anyone other than the client on our premises at all times, So please ensure you take this into consideration when booking in your clients. Your allocation per space will be 2 x people in total. One client within your work space and 1 x client in your waiting area chair. 

What Other Parts Of The Outer Space Club do we have access to?

You have access to your own working Space, including 1 x waiting room chair, 1 x small communal kitchen area, and 1 x bathroom facility. You also have full use of the kitchen area items including fridge, kettle, toaster & microwave. Also the drawer contents including cups, bowls, plates & cutlery. Please ensure all items/communal areas have been cleaned fully after use and put back in its original place. 

How Far In Advance Can I Book The Space?

You can book the space however far in advance you wish, our full calendar of availability will be shown to you at booking stage. 

Can I Book For More Than 1 x Day At A Time?

Absolutely, We would love nothing more than having some regular faces at The Outer Space Club, If the space is available then it is yours to book for as long as you need. 

Can I Use The Cupboard Provided With Each Space?

Absolutely, For each Bed you have access to 1 x Double Cupboard, however this must be emptied and left in its original condition after each use. 

What If I Have Booked Out 7 x Days Consecutively, Can I Leave Any Belongings Onsite?

As long as you have booked out the same Space (i.e 1,2,3,4) for the full 7 days then you are able to leave your items onsite, but please ensure these are put fully away within your allocated cupboard space and taken away with you on your final exit day. *We will not be held responsible for ANY items that have been left unattended within your Space at any time. 

What If I Offer Treatments That Require Privacy?

The Outer Space Club is a communal working area and therefore will not be suitable for treatments which require full privacy.

Is It My Responsibility As A Space User To Turn On/Off The Lighting And Other Electrical Items Outside Of My Space Upon Entering And Exiting?

As part of the service offered by The Outer Space Club, The Building (Shutters) will be opened up and the main salon area lighting turned on and off each day before and after the allocated opening hours. 

Can I Access My Space Before The Opening Hours To Set Up?

We have a strict opening hour policy and access before the opening hour times is not an option, So please ensure you factor this in to your appointment times.

What If my treatments run over and I fall outside of the closing hours?

We have a strict opening hour policy and access after the opening hour times is not an option, So please ensure you factor this in to your appointment times.

Can I rent all 4 chairs in one day for events such as a training day? 

Unless you have requested and been granted exclusive access to The Outer Space Club for a training (or similar) event, then there will potentially and most likely be other Space users onsite at the same time, which we are sure could be a distraction for such events. Whilst there is nothing to stop you booking out 4 x Spaces at one time, please bare in mind this would not grant you exclusive access to The Outer Space Club and your allocation of Space (max 2 people - 1 x chair/1 x bed) would still be applied. 

Can I rent The Outer Space Club Exclusively? 

Yes; this is an option. Subject to availability.

Please Email: Bookings@theouterspaceclub.comwith your enquiry and we will come straight back to you with prices & availability.